Everyone knows the Irish are geniuses. Irish comedian, Paddy McCullagh, has spent many years pondering this but cannot find the answer, so he needs your help. Join him as he unscrambles the myths of Irishness and puts his countrymen’s reputation on the line.

"AN Irishman, an half-empty bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey and a pack of cards can be found on the top floor of Elephant and Wheelbarrow throughout the comedy festival. There will probably be a good-sized crowd up there too, waiting to witness Paddy McCullagh’s cheat tips for poker, watch his dice tricks or learn how to win the old game Over the Barrel. If you’re late you’ll be subjected the sharp edge of his tongue, with quips like: "Can I get you something, like a watch?’’. If you’re silly enough to talk during the act it’ll be "Where did you learn to whisper, in a helicopter?” The cheery-faced card-shuffling king has that wonderfully sarcastic tone that comes naturally to the Irish, and his relaxed banter with the audience and dry humour while he performs his routine even keeps those non-card players entertained. Between shots of whisky (he shares if you participate!) there’s story-telling, laughter, tricks is a kind of roughness but that is part of this show’s charm."

Melbourne Herald Sun

"Don't Miss It!" The Age

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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